Pierre S. Freeman, author of The Prisoner of San Jose, AMORC Unmasked and Mayhem on the Astral Highway, blogs about his twenty-four years of Mind Control slavery, contrasts real spiritual development with cult-driven hallucinatory indoctrination, hoping to help liberate those tempted or in the grips of AMORC and other similarly-driven religious/esoteric cults.

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August 16, 2009


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Ok Mr freeman, I am actually someone looking for true spirituality and i am sure there are true rosicrucian groups around.Could you recommend any pleae?


Yususuff R. Olaniyi responded to my blog, “Good Food for the Lower Mind,” in which I spoke cynically of the Initiatic Degrees in AMORC, said, “Ok Mr. Freeman, I am actually someone looking for true spirituality and I am sure there are true Rosicrucian groups around. Could you recommend any please?”

I understand Yususuff’s passionate desire for the truth, but I don’t know if the answer is to look for a specific group of any kind, much less a Rosicrucian group. In my book, AMORC Unmasked, over and over again, I point out how the apex, the point, the objective of true spirituality is to make contact with the Divine Presence.

I believe, at the very foundational level of spirituality, is the ability of man to make contact with God.

No matter how spiritual the group you belong is, no matter how spiritual your teacher or teachers are, no matter what the lineage of your teaching is- the man or woman who seeks God is fundamentally alone and has to put their goal- true communion with God- at the forefront of their consciousness.

How is this done?

In AMORC Unmasked, I contend this is done through becoming conscious, which can be done by being aware of very simple things- humble things- that one does in everyday life. This is why, I believe, the life of a Zen monk in a monastery often begins in the kitchen. As a former dishwasher, I can tell you- you can wash the dishes like a sleeping man, unaware of what you are doing. Or you can bring full awareness into the process- feeling those hot suds and cold porcelain on your hands, feeling the water spray on your face, feeling the fan above you blow cold air on your hair, experiencing the sounds of the dishwasher and the kitchen staff cutting food and carrying it to the front station. Becoming aware of the present moment is the first step in moving towards awareness of the power that resides in all of us and in everything.

That, dear Yususuff, is how I see the beginning of the journey. But there are many steps, many rungs of the ladder- and I am not all that far ahead of you.

The difference, though, between an exercise in visualization or telepathy and initiation- is that the idea of initiation involves advancement and prestige.

Your article is a very unusual approach to such a long-grown problem. I liked your non-standard post.

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